Billiards Tips, Tricks and Techniques Part II

Billiard is a very interesting game and has more in stake than most people who have never touched a cue stick perceive it to be. It is a mental game that requires a good deal of calculations, concentration and focus. The term billiard in fact refers to the number 1015 in mathematics. Thus billiards is not just about racking and hacking the balls for the fun of it. For serious learners, there are several books and also several online resources that can help one to improve. The following are a few billiards tips, tricks and techniques.


Racking the Balls

Racking of balls differs with the type of game being played. For Eight-Ball, the balls are grouped into two, the solids and the stripes. The eight-ball itself is racked at the triangle’s center in the third row. One ball from each 8 Ball Pool Mod APK of the two groups is racked at each rear corner. For the Nine-Ball, the balls are arranged in a diamond pattern. The one-ball is racked on the foot spot while the nine-ball in racked at the diamond’s center.

The five-ball can be used as the money ball, in which case it is racked at the diamond’s rear. In Straight Pool or 14.1 as it’s also known, the one-ball is placed at the triangle’s rear right, while the five-ball is racked to the left rear. The others are arranged randomly. For Cut-Throat, also known as Elimination, the one-ball is racked at on the foot spot while the six and the eleven balls are racked in the corners.

Beginner and Intermediate Tips

Each player has a personal individualized stroke. Thus the first goal is to attain consistency in the stroke. If one cannot hit what one is aiming at, it becomes difficult to correctly identify mistakes in the game. Practicing on a smooth and straight stroke does a lot of good and one eventually improves. It’s also good to develop a habitual pre-shot routine ensuring the same line up each and every time the player makes shot. This prepares and presents a consistent picture to the brain. Also always line up the eyes with the cue ball path before making a shot. Once able to make consistent easy shots, start planning the game, at least one or two shots ahead. You are now ready to start playing for position. Remember patience pays.